Fix Google Alerts!

This blog is going to have one simple purpose: encourage the fantastic team at Google to spend a little time (and likely money) to update their Google Alerts product so that someone can pick a time to deliver an alert.

Since Google Alerts was launched several years ago, the product has been a godsend for people looking to keep tabs on various topics. It’s helped people in nearly every industry, but the biggest limitation has always been that if you choose to receive a daily summary, the email arrives every day at whatever time you setup the alert at. So if you created the alert at 11 pm on a Sunday, the alert will come every day at 11 pm.

For most people, when they create an alert, it’s sometime during their workday. So if you have a dozen alerts or so, one may come at 10 am, one may come at 1:30 pm, a few may come at 4 pm, etc. etc. It’s a mess. Professionals most often need their news early in the day, they read their clips, they plan their day. So if you want to receive your Google alerts first thing in the morning, you literally have to wake up at 5 or 6 am and re-setup your Google Alerts. It’s a nightmare, especially when you are trying to help a client setup their alerts.

So if you’re like me and desperately want Google Alerts to update their platform, click here to send them a message.